About us

The ham-drying facility which is home to the restaurant Kraljestvo pršuta (Kingdom of prosciutto) was founded in 1982. The Meat Processing Industry of the Primorska region, better known as MIP (Mestna industrija Primorske) built it for the purpose of drying the prosciutto hams. At the same time, the Industry also built and furnished an additional room dedicated to prosciutto tasting.


Wanting to improve their offer, in 2006, the company MIP rearranged the tasting room into a restaurant that offers more than just the prosciutto ham. Simo Komel joined the project as an outside expert and contributed to the fulfilment of the plans with his many years of experience. In 2009, the company MIP was declared bankrupt. At that time, the company Lemo, headed by Simo Komel, rented the restaurant Kraljestvo pršuta which made it possible to continue its strategic vision of a modern Karst cuisine.